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Innovation Type - product and method

Potential beneficiaries - growers, farm service centers and farm stores, other agriculture related activities


The invention relates to the biological pest management practices and namely to the biological remedies for preventing and controlling noctuid insects.
Application of chemical-based insecticides, even ensuring a high insect mortality rate, produce an adverse environmental impact and require several applications throughout the growing season in order to prevent and control the development of the harmful noctuids.
Noctuavirid, the biologic insecticide, ensures a long-lasting, cumulative effect on a larger number of species of the harmful insects from the Noctuidae family.


    liIncreasing productivity as a result of the gel form of the applied substance
  • Improving work conditions thanks to eliminating the dust type of the substances
  • Improving environmental impact as result of exclusion of chemical-based insecticides

Current stage of development -

Desired collaboration - Marketing, partnership, investments

Invention Title: Biologic Insecticide for Noctuid Control
Holder: Pest Management Research Institute of the Moldovan Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry
Authors: Chitic Valeriu, Volosciuc Leonid
Brevet: 2252
Priority date: 23.08.2002
Address: 58 Dacia av., Chisinau
Contact telephone (373-22)568358
Email: volosciuc@netscape.net

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